Vian Nguyen

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YouMeat Dating App

2020 / Game Designer

Conceptualized and designed a dating app simulation game using Twine. Swipe on potential matches and get closer to finding "the one." Message those you've matched with and get to know those who might be the love of your life.

Dysphoria//Diaspora Doll

2020 / Researcher and Game Designer

Independent study research project created under the supervision of Victoria Pass. A fashion game about the way you’re perceived through the way you are dressed and present yourself to the world. Focused specifically on navigating Asian diaspora and the role of gender dysphoria on external and internal presentation.

Cyber Cafe Carryout

2019 / Art Director + 2D Sprite Artist

Created using Unity 3D in collaboration with Sam Hudgins and Hongbing Pan.
In this cooking game test your memory skills to complete orders and make your robot customers happy. Can you become the best chef?
Made for all ages! Playable on
Assisted with additional scripting and systems design.