Vian Nguyen

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The House That Is Alive and Is In Love With You

2021 / Game Designer

As you live, you breathe life into your home. You’ve made your home alive by living in it and your home loves you for it. You scuff the walls with your life moments and so your home holds multitudes of lives and stories. This is a game about sharing the journeys that happen between the walls you’ve lived within.

What makes a house a home?

Under One Roof

2019 / Game Designer + Writer

Created in collaboration with Chuck Up, Isaac James Garrett, Korban Dennis, and Viditya Voleti for Global Game Jam 2019.

This is a GMless, diceless, role-playing game about making a home in a temporary space. There are conflicts, memories, and unexpected developments that happen when you share a home, especially in unique circumstances. For 2 to 4 players to play for an hour+.

Grief (as I experience it)

2018 / Game Designer + Graphic Designer + Fabricator

“Disclose as you wish, pass if you must. There are no right answers. Grieving is a process, not a solution, it’s defined as deep mental anguish in response to an event or situation.”

This game was created as a personal coping strategy through my own process of grief. I struggled most with taking the space I needed to talk about my feelings with death and loss while also feeling safe that my family and friends would want to participate with me as well.