Vian Nguyen

An Otter Planet: Proof of Concept

2023 / Game Designer

Proof of concept in collaboration with Habitatique and the Learning Games Network.

The goals of the game included: understanding the complexity of ecosystems, show the player that all things are connected to each other and diversity of our flora and fauna will be our first line of defense in the fight against climate change.

The inspiration planet served as the main feature of the game that surfaces lots of hidden relationships, teaching the player how these creatures interact with their environment and their needs to thrive. Using hex grid puzzle gameplay, the player was tasked with a description of the creature they were researching and descriptions of traits a creature may have. The player would place trait puzzles into a larger shape of the creature in order to connect what traits the creature possessed to contribute to its environment.
Shipped on PC via

[VIDEO] condensed gameplay footage

Neighborhood Good

2023 / Game Designer and Project Lead

Collaboration with iCivics. Created a game for 1st to 5th grade that explored the ways a student could impact their community. Highlighting the simplicity of making efforts to understand issues in your neighborhood and how to make a plan of action no matter how big or small your impact might be.

Designed features around real-time polling data, UI Accessibility Plugin (UAP) to enable screen reading features and dynamic color settings.

Shipped for web browser, mobile, and tablet.

[VIDEO] watch trailer | play on iCivics

Grobo App

2022 / Game Designer

Collaboration with BrainPOP. Creating a commercial mobile learning application for kids. Focusing on playful features and discovery, Grobo was meant to instill curiosity and alternative play to kids. Featuring a huge plethora of BrainPOP video and mini games that both teach and entertain.


2020 / Game Designer and Writer

Mobile game for workplace training on DEI principles. Using visual novel mechanics and empathetic learning to teach the player understand how different intersections of identity can effect handling workplace issues.

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Vian Nguyen

Graduated Maryland Institute College of Art / 2020

Vian is a queer Vietnamese-American game designer. They are interested in game design as a means to facilitate spaces of feeling, self-reflection, and noticing the world around us all. They have a deep curiosity in innovating play’s ability to teach care, empathy, and understanding in players.

They are currently working at Filament Games as a Game Designer II.